Why Carr Lane Roemheld Swing Clamps?

Experience the many advantages of Carr Lane Roemheld hydraulic swing clamps: Carr Lane Roemheld offers superior quality in hydraulic clamps. Our swing clamps offer features such as an exclusive safety clutch design, a reinforced swivel mechanism, and position monitoring for the best quality in pneumatic and hydraulic workholding. View swing clamps in our online catalog.

Why Carr Lane Roemheld Work Supports?

Experience the many advantages of using Carr Lane Roemheld work supports: Carr Lane Roemheld offers superior quality in work supports, with spring advanced, fluid advanced, and air advanced versions. Our work supports are designed for 500,000 cycles, provide a compact design with a standard viton wiper or optional metal wiper, and are available in 60 … Continued

Customizing Quick Die Change Solutions

By David L. Fischer, Engineering Manager for the HILMA Division of Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co. Article reprinted with permission of American Tool, Die & Stamping News. The concept of quick die change is simple: minimize the time from the last good hit on one die to the first good hit on the next one. … Continued

Safety Considerations for Quick Die Change Systems

Addressing potential hazards before they occur By David L. Fischer, Engineering Manager for the HILMA Division of Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co. Article reprinted with permission of Stamping Journal. Many manufacturing concepts have changed in the last 10 years or so. One way many metal stamping companies are attempting to remain competitive is by setting … Continued

Why Use Power Workholding?

Why choose Power Workholding Components from Carr Lane Roemheld? They provide immediate advantages over manual workholders: AUTOMATION Power-operated elements provide more control and a wide range of operations within a workholding system. Once adjusted, each product consistently clamps or holds. Powered work supports automatically adjust to minor workpiece irregularities. In addition, power workholding systems can … Continued

Achieving Optimum Ergonomics and Efficiency for Manual Workstations

By David Vilcek, Manager of Workholding and Assembly Article from September, 2015 issue of Today’s Medical Developments. Workstations have electronic shop-floor lift modules that lift and lower by means of a pushbutton, and rotary modules operated by two foot switches. Laboratory technology provider Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed an ergonomically designed production line for the … Continued

Magnetic Clamping Systems Advance as Mold Changing Option

Article excerpted from Plastics Machinery Magazine September, 2015

Quick mold changes have been the primary selling point for magnetic mold mounting systems as an alternative to bolt-on mechanical clamping or hydraulic mold-clamping approaches. Suppliers of magnetic clamping systems expect to attract additional processors with design updates that further reduce downtime and labor costs related to mold changeovers while increasing operator safety.

Clamps Gain a Grip on Die Change Efficiency

By Brad Kuvin, Editor Metal Forming Magazine September, 2015 Sound die-change practice starts with well-organized workstations. To that end, Whirlpool is customizing Creform material-handling carts to organize the new Hilma hydromechanical clamping nuts and accompanying bolts, to provide visual cues to die setters and press operators. Consecutive years (2013-2014) of significant growth in home-appliance sales … Continued

Behind the Scenes: Modular Assembly Units Designed to Boost Efficiency

Appeared in the August 2015 issue of New Equipment Digest Alexander Schul, Global Assembly & Drive Technology Head, Carr Lane Roemheld The editors of New Equipment Digest go behind the scenes for a special Q&A session to discuss the development and background of innovative products. NED: What led Carr Lane Roemheld to produce these assembly … Continued

Modular Lifting Units Assist Trek Bicycle with Paint and Finishing

Case History Appeared in the May 2015 issue of Assembly Magazine High quality custom painting and graphics are key to the popularity of Trek bicycles, and Carr Lane Roemheld helped the company provide ergonomic workstations for this process. Modular lifting columns are utilized to lift bicycle parts, enabling detailed applications by hand. Carr Lane Roemheld … Continued